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Your digital presence should be a growth engine, not a roadblock. We leverage strategy, design, and no-code to elevate your business and empower your future.

We build timeless brands & profitable websites.

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Our Mission — Who We Are

It's not a job. It's an obsession.

We’re Timeless Digital, a remote studio on a long-term mission to elevate businesses to their fullest potential. We believe in strategy, but also in execution. We’re not just creatives; we’re entrepreneurs at heart, guiding you through the digital landscape.

Strategy Over Aesthetics

Good design is good business, but great strategy ensures longevity.

Quality Over Quantity

We prefer to take on fewer projects and deliver stellar results.

Long-Term Over Short-Term

Our partnerships are built for the long haul, just like the brands we create.


Strategic Branding

We're not about logos; we're about legacies.

We dive deep into your brand’s DNA to create an identity that’s as authentic as it is impactful. From visual language to voice, we make sure you're not just seen—you're recognized.

Web Development & Design

More than pixels and code. It’s your digital headquarters.

We craft visually stunning, high-performing websites that capture your brand essence and convert visitors into customers. Plus, we equip you with the tools to make updates easily, putting you in the driver’s seat of your digital destiny.

E-commerce Solutions

Turn browsers into buyers. Then into believers.

Whether you’re launching a new e-commerce site or optimizing an existing one, we implement strategies that not only drive traffic but also increase conversion rates. We set up the shop; you watch the sales roll in.

Subscription Services

Consider us your in-house team, without the overhead.

Our subscription packages provide ongoing support for all your digital needs, ensuring that your brand and website remain fresh and up-to-date. Your success is a long-term commitment for us.

Our Work

Recent case studies

BF Baticoncept

We revitalized BF Baticoncept's brand identity with a sleek logo design, and established their online presence with a sophisticated, user-centric website.
Strategic Branding
Web Development

What our clients say

"Timeless Digital has an amazing team that helped us design our website and launch our product. I recommend them to everyone I know."
Photo of Antonio Gary Jr. Founder of The Function

Antonio Gary Jr.

Founder, The Function XYZ

"Timeless Digital designed our Ecom site, the first ever phone repair website as well developed in Martinique. We're extremely proud and thank Jordan and his team for this magnificient experience and quality work."
Photo of Jonathan Delbois, Founder of Need Repair

Jonathan Delbois

Founder, Need Repair

Pricing That Grows With You


Choose a plan tailored to your immediate needs and effortlessly scale as your business evolves. Whether you're interested in one-off projects or a monthly subscription, from strategy to custom integrations, we've got you covered.

Quickstart Plan
Ideal for new businesses looking to establish an online presence fast.
Timeline: 2 weeks
What's included:
Initial Consultation
Brand Assessment
Basic 1-5 Pages Website Design
One Custom Integration
Basic SEO setup
Personalized Dashboard and Training
BrandLift plan
Ideal for growing businesses that need to optimize their current operations and scale.
Timeline: 1 month
What's included:
In-Depth Strategy
Comprehensive Brand Development
Up to 10-Page Website Design
3 Custom Integrations (e.g., CRM, Newsletter, E-commerce)
SEO and Analytics Setup
1 Month of Post-Launch Support
Personalized Dashboard and Team Training
Timeless plan
Ideal for established brands or larger startups that are scaling fast.
Timeline: 2-3 months
What's included:
Multiple In-Depth Strategy Sessions
Complete Brand Overhaul
Up to 20-Page Website Design
Unlimited Custom Integrations
Advanced SEO, Analytics and Reporting
3 Months of Post-Launch Support
Personalized Dashboard and Team Training
Priority Customer Support
Exclusive 15% discount on the first three months of any subscription service
Essential Plan
Customize or build your brand and website over time.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
Monthly Brand Health Check
Ongoing Web Maintenance: Regular Updates, SEO Checks, and Performance Improvements
Priority Support (24-hour response time for any urgent needs)
1 Monthly Revision: A set number of design or content update per month
4 Hours of Design/Development
Easy credit-card payment
Pause or cancel anytime
Growth plan
For those ready to make a more significant impact.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
All Essential Plan Features
Bi-Monthly Strategy Calls
Content Creation (Blog posts, Social Media content)
2 Monthly Revisions
10 Hours of Design/Development
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime
Enterprise plan
For established brands looking to make significant moves fast.
Pause or cancel anytime.
What's included:
All Growth Plan Features
Weekly Strategy Calls
Advanced Analytics & Reporting
Custom Integrations: CRM, ERP, or another tool, we'll integrate it for you
Unlimited Monthly Revisions
20 Hours of Design/Development
Easy credit-card payments
Pause or cancel anytime

Your questions, answered.

Choosing a digital partner is a big decision, and we understand you might have questions about what sets Timeless Digital apart. Here are answers to some of the most common questions we hear from clients just like you.

What sets Timeless Digital apart from other agencies?

Unlike other agencies that offer cookie-cutter solutions, we are dedicated to crafting custom strategies that focus on your unique needs. We leverage our expertise and innovative thinking to deliver results that stand the test of time.

Why should I choose Timeless Digital over hiring a full-time team?

A full-time senior designer can cost upwards of $100,000 a year, plus benefits. Also, hiring a complete team can escalate your expenses even more. With Timeless Digital, you get the expertise of specialized designers, strategists, and even a CTO for complex development tasks, all tailored to your needs. Plus, our flexible plans allow you to pause or resume services as you wish, optimizing your investment.

Is there a limit to how many design or development requests I can have?

No limit. Whether you're on a subscription plan or engaging in a one-off project, you can submit as many requests as you need.

How fast will I receive my designs or development tasks?

Most design requests are completed in two to five days or less. For development tasks or more complex designs, the timeframe can vary.

Who's behind the design & development tasks?

Our team is specialized in various domains. From brand assets like logos and packaging to web development, you'll be working with experts in the field. We also have a CTO to handle complex development requests such as advanced custom integrations or software engineering.

How do I request designs or development tasks?

We offer multiple avenues for you to submit your requests, be it via your client portal in Notion, Slack, wireframes, or even Loom videos.

What if I don't like the design or development work?

No worries. We'll keep revising until you're 100% satisfied.

Are there any types of work you don't cover?

While we specialize in a broad array of services, we don't cover 3D modeling, extensive print design like magazines and books, or specific types of document design.

What if I only need a single design or have a one-time project?

That's perfectly fine! You can engage us for one-off projects or pause your subscription when you're done and resume when you have additional needs.

Are there any refunds if I'm not satisfied?

Due to the high-quality nature of our work, no refunds will be issued.

How do you manage remote collaboration and time zones?

At Timeless Digital, we're pros at remote collaboration. We use a range of digital tools to ensure smooth communication and project management, irrespective of where you're located. Time zones are a non-issue; we work in a way that overlaps with your working hours for maximum productivity.

How secure is my data and intellectual property?

Your trust is paramount to us. All data and intellectual property are securely stored and managed. We adhere to industry-best practices for data protection and confidentiality.

Still have questions? Let's talk!

If you've gone through our FAQ and find that you still have questions or unique challenges you'd like to discuss, we're just a click away. We believe in personalized solutions and would love to hear about your specific needs.

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